UNITED KINGDOM: 2020 British Isles Cruise vom 07.06.2020 bis 18.06.2020 (= 12 Tage)

07.06.2020 - 18.06.2020 (= 12 Tage)
Art der Anlass:

The National Executive Committee of Section UK are very pleased to announce details of a British Isles cruise which will coincide with and compliment the 70th Anniversary celebrations being planned for their iconic National Council Meeting in Lincolnshire, Arthur Troop's birthplace.

The quintessentially British Cruise line Cunard have been selected as their chosen host for this memorable event which will take place aboard the Queen Victoria commencing on Sunday 7th June 2020 for 12 nights.

A fantastic itinerary is planned and they hope they will be welcomed in a number of ports by other Sections or Regions of the IPA that they visit. They are promised a very special cruise with the opportunity to dine together and meet in an intimate and personal space for pre-dinner drinks. Cunard requires gentlemen to dress for dinner, so jacket needed and a dinner jacket for formal nights. A great opportunity to dress up.

For more information aobut this event, including the itinerary and booking information, please look at the information below:

IPA Section UK 2020 British Isles Cruise Information