FRANCE: 3rd Friendship Meeting Nîmes vom 29.05.2020 bis 02.06.2020 (= 5 Tage)

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29.05.2020 - 02.06.2020 (= 5 Tage)

IPA France are hosting their 3rd Friendship Meeting in Nîmes from May 29 to June 2 in 2020!

The program will feature visits to many local attractions in Nîmes, such as the Arena of Nîmes, the Aigues-Mortes, and more.

Attendees will be staying in a holiday resort in La Grande Motte for the duration of their trip.

The event is limited to a maximum of 50 participants, with prices from 390 Euros per person.

For more information about this event, please look at the flyer below:

3rd Friendship Meeting Nîmes Flyer

If you require any furher help or information about this event, please contact the hosts at