UNITED KINGDOM: DTG (Defensive Tactics Group) Training Week vom 26.05.2020 bis 31.05.2020 (= 6 Tage)

North Wales
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26.05.2020 - 31.05.2020 (= 6 Tage)
Art der Anlass:

IPA Section UK's Defensive Tactics Group are hosting a training week in 2020, as part of the Section's '20 in 2020' series of events for the IPA's 70th anniversary!

This action-packed week-long event has been designed to provide essential role specific, reality based training that you'll find hard to get elsewhere. With 5 days of training, their instructors will guarantee to give you an immersive experience in reality combat, with many fantastic topics on the agenda. The event will even also have a number of social events for attendees to take part in.

For more information about this event, please look at the information below:

DTG Training Week North Wales Information

To register your interest, please contact Robert Stenhouse at Robert.stenhouse@sky.com