ABGESAGT - International Youth Gathering 2020 vom 08.08.2020 bis 22.08.2020 (= 15 Tage)

Czech Republic & Slovakia
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08.08.2020 - 22.08.2020 (= 15 Tage)
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The 2020 IYG will be held in the Czech Republic and Slovakia 8-22 August 2020. Information can be obtained at https://www.ipacz.cz/iyg2020

The first week will take place in the Czech Republic, and the second week in Slovakia. The cost is 850 € per person, with a 350 € deposit required. To the IPA Switzerland essentially are guaranteed 2 slots, and will be able to get additional slots only if there are some left after all sections have had the opportunity to send their own young people (sons, daughters, nephews of IPA members age 16-17 years old at the moment of the event).
We will follow the same process as in the past: interested young people will submit an application through the IPA Region to the National Secretary at national@ipa.ch. If we have more than 2 qualified applicants, selection will be made.

Telefon: +41763941834

E-Mail an Andrea QUATTRINI senden