MONTENEGRO: IPA Games 2020 vom 15.05.2020 bis 20.05.2020 (= 6 Tage)

15.05.2020 - 20.05.2020 (= 6 Tage)
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The IPA invites our members to take part in the second ever IPA Games being held in Bar, Montenegro in May 2020!

Bar is located on the coast of Montenegro and lies adjacent to the tremendous Adriatic Sea, is surrounded by idyllic mountainscapes that stretch for miles, and it is also the main sea port on the Montenegrin coast!

The competitions for this year's games will take place on the city's sports fields and sports center which will provide all the facilities required for the following IPA sport disciplines: volleyball, basketball, futsal, running, shooting (air gun), and table tennis.

Accommodation will be available in both the town of Bar, and also Čanj, a popular tourist village nearby to Bar, with a 1.4km long sandy beach.

The hosting section will provide transport for all participants from the two Montenegrin airports, Podgorica and Tivat, as well as Dubrovnik in Croatia, and Tirana in Albania.

The event will also include a social program which will contain sightseeing tours to some of Montenegro's most famous attractions.

For more information about this event, please look at the information below:

IPA Games 2020 Information

If you require any further help or information about this event, please contact the hosts at

Telefon: +41763941834

E-Mail an Andrea QUATTRINI senden